Remo Hobby might not be a familiar brand but it is a familiar design that has stood the test of time and the Ultimate Edition Remo vehicles have all the right upgrades. We have yet to break a single red nylon part on our Remo vehicles. There is really only one flaw with the Evo-R and to a lesser extent the EMU SC truck which is the hardened steel cvds binding under full suspension compression*. (This can also be an issue with MIP axles on the traxxas 4×4) To solve this issue you can limit suspension travel or install our NEW Remo/Traxxas rear bearing carrier/hub. Our hub is designed with an offset to accomodate the use of cvd axles. Multiple versions were tested to find the design and print settings to make them as reliable as the nylon hubs that come standard or RPM.

*These statements refer to RC vehicles sold by us due to our QC procedures.