As more tech is added to every aspect of our lives, I have begun to notice a trend. Lack of tech knowledge is a serious problem for consumers as people in different industries, even respected professionals, start producing reviews which frankly are irrelevant and misleading. The fact is most devices from your RC car to your bike have microcontrollers that run on firmware which controls all of its operation. This means that many touted “features” are merely settings. MOST reviews tend to be decided by what amounts to a setting that can be changed easily, but they don’t KNOW that, or they overlook it in order to push the more expensive product in which the software tends to be locked. Many I have seen are when publications discuss ebikes and complain about the cruising speed being too high (setting) or a delay when you stop pedaling (setting). Most of what you pay for these days is time, assembly time, setup time etc. It is not material quality or design; it is QC and proper assembly as well as configuring the settings to your liking. Sometimes companies just nail the software settings and it’s well worth the extra investment. Most of the time you should save the money and use the setup menu.